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NOT YET by Ari Marcopoulos


For nearly four decades, Ari Marcopoulos has broken conventions with his candid and raw style.
His photo- graphs documenting subcultures such as skate- boarding, snowboarding, and hip-hop; his tendencies to photograph stark landscapes, portraits of artists, and celebrities; and his extremely quiet and intimate photos of his family and friends have all been hugely influential in helping to establish the visual rawness of youth culture, as well as the ephemeral aesthetic of contemporary photography.

Ari Marcopoulos: Not Yet is an unprecedented journey through the artist's celebrated career, from skate- boarding and snowboarding to rural landscapes and cityscapes. This volume includes both iconic and never-before-published photographs from the 1980s to now.

Each chapter is edited by a different cele- brated artist or family member-all close to Marcopoulos-and it is through these personal reflec- tions on the artist's work that this monograph takes on a deeper level of intimacy, drawing a more complete portrait of his oeuvre.